1. I want to sell my timeshare, but I have lost my deed. What can I do?

    You must first inform the closing company. They will contact the country recorder where your timeshare is located and request a copy of the deed.

  2. I purchased my timeshare directly from a resort. How do I go about selling my timeshare?

    It does not matter who or where you purchased your timeshare from. So long as you can prove you are the legitimate owner of the property, you have the right to sell it.

  3. I am in the process of transfering my timeshare. Am I still responsible for the maintenance fees?

    All maintenance fees  and taxes must be paid by the owner until the transfer process has been completed. An agent from TPS may contact you if this becomes an issue in your specific case. There are limited cases in wich TPS may pay fees and taxes and deduct them from the proceeds upon completion of the sale.

  4. How long does the transfer process take?

    In most cases the transfer process is completed in less than 180 days once accepted into our inventory. That being said, every transfer is different due to season, location, demand and the quality of the specific resort.

  5. I am still paying for my timeshare. Can I sell it?

    Yes. However, your property will need to be paid in full before the transfer process is finalized. If you have not paid your property in full, you must inform your TPS agent.